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The majority of our offerings are geared towards either drop-in installation, or simple DIY retrofit as is the case with the full length magazine tube, which includes an easy to follow instruction sheet.

Increasing capacity requires adherence to and observation of 922R prior to installation. 922R compliance means reducing the specific list of import components on the Benelli M4, to a count of no more than ten.

In most cases, as imported, the M4 without collapsible stock needs three U.S. made component substitutions.

With collapsible stock it will usually require four. Our magazine tube and follower each contribute towards that goal.

As long as the magazine tube’s capacity exceeds five rounds, that parts count may NOT exceed ten of the specific components which the ATF scrutinizes.

Our civilian product range fluctuates depending on numerous factors, while our mainstay, the titanium M4 magazine tubes, and related components remain our perennial focus.

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