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When only an optimal spring can make up for a marginal spring’s occasional failings.

We developed this exclusive replacement spring, made to our specifications for the Benelli M4 equipped with a Full Length magazine tube, utilizing W.C. Wolff’s proprietary HTCS materials, that exceed the OEM’s spring properties in many critical respects.

Ever have the OEM spring “get away” from you during takedown/removal? If you noticed it kinked, and required straightening, then you’ve seen 1st hand one of it’s weak links. A spring that kinks easily, will likewise take a “set” easily, diminishing its performance capabilities.

No other spring on the market has ever been specifically engineered for the Benelli M4 full length magazine body… until now!!

NOTE; Our Benelli Full Length (7 round) Titanium Magazine Tubes include this “Extra-Power” Spring FREE!

NOTE: We do not invoice until your product is either in stock, or nearing completion!!