CarrierComp began its innovating, services, and product development in 1998 during the owner’s tenure on active duty in the Marine Corps, between 1983-2005.

Initially catering to both the Army’s and Marine Corps’ competitive marksmanship units, hence the name ‘Carriercomp’, short for ‘Carrier Competition‘.

Upon retiring Ed Carrier, whose nickname is Kip, completed a three year course in ‘Advanced Manufacturing Technologies’ with Triangle of Technologies Academy in Pensacola Florida.

Ed (Kip) Carrier
Founder – Builder, Carrier Comp

I’m a retired disabled Marine, and lifelong competitive marksman, who enjoys innovating and fine tuning all things mechanical, including firearms related U.S. Utility Patents attained while on active duty.

Dad taught me how to hunt and shoot, and mom taught me how to lose to a girl once in a while… She was THAT good!!!!

She still teaches concealed carry classes despite being well into her eighties! Honing firearms reliability and versatility is what dad and I always loved doing, and the Benelli M4 in particular, has long since kept my wife and I busy to that end, helping pay the bills along the way.

The only thing more rewarding than the endeavor, is knowing every single magazine tube we deliver, represents the pinnacle of our ability to share what we’d expect in return, if we’d bought it elsewhere.

Thank you for considering our handiwork, it is very much appreciated.