We’ve harnessed part samples from a customer’s M4 to pinpoint a color that harmonizes perfectly with the iconic Midnight Bronze Benelli paint theme. When applied correctly, our Cerakote treatment offers an ironclad guarantee against chipping, flaking, or peeling.

Included in this comprehensive package are the following components to elevate your Benelli M4:

  • Full-Length Titanium Magazine Tube
  • Carefully Matched US-Made Follower
  • Premium W.C. Wolff feed spring, precision-engineered to Carriercomp specifications


The BENELLI M4 TITANIUM magazine tube is meticulously crafted from certified 3AL-2.5V titanium alloy, establishing a new standard for strength and durability within the industry. Its capacity matches its military counterpart, accommodating up to seven rounds in the tube. Remarkably, it weighs just over half of the factory parts it replaces (52% weight reduction). Each piece proudly bears the “US” and “TITANIUM” stamps, signifying compliance with 922(R) regulations. The fit, finish, and corrosion resistance set an unparalleled benchmark. Exquisite Finish: Our expert application of the renowned Cerakote, provided at no additional cost, represents the zenith of firearms coating technologies, surpassing ordinary paint by leaps and bounds.

This choice empowers you to align the ‘Tactical Presentation’ of any replaced Benelli M4 variant mag tube while benefiting from the enhanced durability of heat-cured ceramic coatings. We could take shortcuts and offer only our mechanically applied “Permanent Finish Process” or “Bright Polish,” but we remain committed to catering to enthusiasts who value the discreet enhancement that Cerakote-treated Titanium brings.

A multitude of independent field trials consistently underscore Cerakote’s superiority over its chief contenders, including Gun Kote and Duracote.

While the process does entail higher expenses, our streamlined component production owes much to the unwavering loyalty of our customers. This has allowed “carriercomp” to absorb escalating materials and coatings costs, while steadfastly upholding our budget-friendly pricing.

Every thread undergoes meticulous quality control to ensure a seamless fit and full compatibility with all OEM accessories—a manufacturer’s GUARANTEE you can rely on. With an array of six distinct finishes, all proudly crafted in the USA.

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