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922(r) Compliance

This small portion of federal law pertains to any shotgun imported after November 10, 1990. Its influence can, has, and will likely continue to be broadened by jurisdictions as small as municipalities, meaning your "locale" may have enacted, or may soon enact provisions that would render your efforts towards prudent compliance with this portion of federal law... "moot", regardless of good intent. Please know your local laws before interpreting any of the following observations, and maintain accurate records of when your modifications occur for posterity. The latter suggestion often allows for justification and "grandfathering" of the actions/modifications previously performed.



An individual who intends to alter or repair a post November 10, 1990 import shotgun, would be well advised to attain bona-fide (provable) clarification from within their residing jurisdiction, specifically regarding their own intended repair or modification. “Hear-Say” and other assurances may not endure scrutiny if you are ever required to validate your own personally derived actions or assumptions. This may be done by visiting and or contacting the ATF Web Site , who are responsive to inquiries of this nature. 

All "carriercomp" 922(r) compliant components are made in the U.S. and marked accordingly, entirely legal for use whenever and wherever ALL applicable laws permit (observed through legitimate channels  within the petitioner's jurisdiction) , usually without encumberance or written permissions, while observing the following guidelines;
For example;
The typical properly attained response to inquiries 
regarding 922(r) compliance for Benelli M4's, entails ....
The standard fixed stock Benelli M4 model 11707 as imported contains 13 parts, which are governed by 922(r) provisions. Prior to performing any modifications, you must FIRST reduce that parts count to ten (10), after which the parts count may NOT exceed 10 import parts from that list, while simultaneously sporting any governed modifications;

Knowing and understanding that list;
 M4 =   Present on fixed stock  Benelli M4 Model 11707 (as imported)
    Not Applicable to a Benelli M4 (item never part of any M4 count)
 *   =Represents 14th pre-compliance part when item is present in import form


  • M4    (1.) Frames, receivers, receiver castings, forgings, or castings.
  • M4  (2.) Barrels.
  • *    (3.) Barrel extensions. (Permanently affixed breech end component of an M4 barrel, thus not recognized by ATF)
  • *   (4.) Mounting blocks (trunnions).
  •  (5.) Muzzle attachments.(Does not include chokes, only pertains to removable components fully ahead of and concentric to the bore/muzzle)
  • M4    (6.) Bolts.
  • M4    (7.) Bolt carriers.
  • *    (8.) Operating rods.  (impinged component linking piston and bolt during firing)
  • M4   (9.) Gas pistons.(the “pair” represent one item)
  • M4    (10.) Trigger housings.
  • M4    (11.) Triggers.
  • M4   (12.) Hammers.
  • *    (13.) Sears.
  • M4   (14.) Disconnectors.
  • M4   (15.) Buttstocks.
  • *    (16.) Pistol grips. (would count as a 14th part adjacent to a functional collapsible stock)
  • M4   (17.) Forearms, handguards. .(the “pair” represent one item)
  • M4   (18.) Magazine bodies.(any remaining imported portion… i.e. 2 round extenders alone would  NOT reduce import parts count)
  • M4   (19.) Followers.
  • *   (20.) Floor plates.

There are thirteen underscored items from the above 922(r) list, which are applicable to a fixed stock standard Benelli M4 (as imported)

Non-compliance while seemingly universal, will not be advised by "carriercomp".



Titanium FL Magazine Tube Installation Guide

Thank You for choosing our products for your Benelli M4 (S90) Shotgun. Below are safe, and effective methods for effortless conversion;

Before proceeding, with FIREARM ON SAFE and pointed in a safe direction, ensure the firearm is completely unloaded, (clearing magazine tube, elevator, and chamber).

Tools Required;
•    * Please use safety glasses when handling any gun spring!!! (Steps # 2 & #7)
•     Heat gun. (Refrain from using flame devices, torches, etc., they are overkill and have the potential of discoloring the finish and damaging the receiver)
•    Snap ring pliers
•    Stiff nylon or brass bristled tooth-brush.
•    Padded vise. (not required but helpful if done alone without an assistant)

1.    Safely remove and set aside the barrel, magazine-cap, bolt group and handguards.

2.    * Using snap ring pliers set to compress when gripped, carefully remove the spring retainer from the forward end of the factory mag tube, with your free hand OVER that cap so that the spring and cap may be safely contained when they are "set free". Put them aside. Next tilt the gun downwards, allowing the follower to fall out.

3.    Place gun in a lightly clamped padded vise, between your knees, or in the hands of a competent adult assistant. With heat gun set to approx 400 F, apply direct heat to the full circumference of the receiver where it meets the stock tube, rotating the heat around the junction until the two are beyond unbearable to touch (using an infra-red thermometer if available, you will typically see results when the receiver temp nears 250F), favor application of heat to the receiver, as it retains heat more efficiently. At that temp (around 250F) you should be able to begin twisting the factory tube off [ccw]. Do not use a pipe wrench, it will provide excessive torque that may twist the receiver. Once the tube starts to turn, the battle is won, just keep it turning until it is free.

4.     Next clean the internal threads with the nylon or brass toothbrush. It will look scary at 1st since the residue from the factory loc-tite is chalky white, but once you have it all cleaned off, you’ll be looking at the pristine black anodized receiver threads where the old tube use to be.

5.    You are now ready to install your replacement tube.
 PLEASE NOTE: The large “flared end” goes towards the receiver and captures the stamped steel handguard retainer.
6.    Some owners omit the use of Loc-Tite, simply torqing in their new tube as tight as can be done by hand. If you use Loc-Tite, make sure you check the data sheet, and select a grade that can be heated for removal with LOW HEAT like the factory used (below 300F). We recommend liberal use of medium strength Loc-Tite ("blue" # 242 or #243) to enhance retention. Loc-Tite brand #243 has proven most effective with non-ferrous applications, and can be purchased in budget sizes for under $10 - $15 from several sources (delivered).

7.     * Replace all the remaining components, testing for normal, safe operation.

8.   Enjoy!!                                                                                                                                      

Please visit www.shop.carriercomp.com to review new or pending product releases for the Benelli M4 as well as other firearms related products. Document  protected. 2007- 2015.


Magazine Tube Guarantee;

We personally guarantee your complete satisfaction with the quality and fit of your replacement tube. We will repair or replace it in the event of any manufacturing defect that prevents proper installation, or results in a failure to properly mate with parts used in conjunction with the standard Benelli M4 with the factory equivalent 7 round tube. Additionally we will repair any finish defects that result in fading or peeling caused by poor application at time of manufacture, this assurance does not cover normal wear and tear such as dings, gouges, or scrapes that would otherwise marr any conventional finish.

Restricted States Orders;

Attention New Jersey-Massachusetts buyers:

Immediately following your order, be prepared to furnish an email providing photo-copied proof of eligibility to purchase and receive the 7-rd magazine tube in your state. Carriercomp will NOT reply to inquiries as to what constitutes proper documentation, as this could be interpreted as legal advice. If you are eligible to receive the item under consideration, you will know what pertinent data needs to be remitted per your state's requirements.

Orders which are prepared in a satisfactory manner will receive an acknowlegment as being valid and intact. Any order failing to be accompanied by proper documentation referencing the order #/specifics, will be cancelled with a brief courtesy explanation to follow.

This is "carriercomp's" attempt to honor all legitimate orders which do not infringe upon state laws within the buyers product destination.

Thank you for your understanding this essential operating procedure

Attention New York buyers:

Please do not confuse New York's assault weapon definition with their SEPARATE stance on enhancing imported firearm capacities !!!
Until New York specifically  allows ALL post November 1990 imported shotguns to be have their capacities increased,  we must advise against installing any 7 round tube on any Benelli M4 without your state's consent.

None of New York's  recent shotgun capacity revisions specifically stated that it had reversed its indifference to 922R allowances regarding increasing import shotgun capacities. It is true that domestic shotguns may once again hold 7rounds in the State of New York. It is our understanding that New York still refuses to acknowledge 922R provisions regarding inclusion of import shotguns in the amended 7 round allowance.

It is our sincere hope that the State of New York will clarify this point, specifically acknowledging 922R allowances permitting imported shotguns to fall lock-step in line with domestic capacities.

New York's recent allowances make owning a 7 round shotgun fixed magazine tube legal. Proper use, installation  and implementation of those items on import firearms is the sole responsibility of the end user.

Attention Connecticut Buyers :

While it may be legal to own/purchase a 7 round shotgun fixed magazine tube in your state, Proper use, installation  and implementation of those items on import firearms is the sole responsibility of the end user.

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